Alias : Infamous JeanClaude

I strategize my artwork in the sense of a historian or storyteller. My work is displayed in metaphors and through illustration, painting, and murals.

I look into the way people live and define themselves, as well as the environments which they create for themselves. Studying these details often reveals the unique moments that make us human and make interesting visuals for me to create.
I use an array of materials and multiple processes in my work but am able to keep a true consistent. The array of resources used between the different pieces and projects they are linked by subject matter, color schemes, and theme.

None of my work is fully planned out or intentional. These are ideas that are placed at the moment or from memories of the week, month or year.  When you've created an images of your own personal ideals and theories (and that’s how you want it to be), it will speak to each viewer differently and whatever it says to the viewer is right for them because there isn't a wrong and a right message from a personal experience. Each individual experiences different emotion from the same painting or graphic and I'm happy with that result.

my influences are everything I see, feel and experience. As a kid I always drew to the line work and style of Jim Davis (Garfield), skateboard graphics and graffiti. I love the Bauhaus movement. The artists I most admire are Max Bill, an influential graphic designer   from the 1900's, Salvador Dali, Jean Michel Basquait. I absorb myself into late 60s and 70s music (of all genres, particularly rock, soul, and funk), vintage movies, and cartoons.
I dig vinyl records / fitted caps / gummy candy fiend / scatterbrained / music fanatic / cartoons / good energy / manifest it / hustle & focus / give love / surrealism / randomish / imagination /