Thursday, February 14, 2013

1992 : Lisa Bonet ( Case Studies )

I came up with the name and concept for this project while i was dealing with one of my many nights of insomnia. The Cosby Show happened to come on while I was on the computer and it was one of the episodes that Lisa Bonet is prominent in.

I watched a few minutes of the show and thought about it , " Lisa Bonet is like the essential muse"  beautiful, chill , eccentric , cool ,etc. Then I thought what creates that feelings to establish someone / something to make them a continuous inspiration.

So i jotted down some ideas of how to describe a muse without giving them a complete identity but a idea of what/who they are. So I thought,  what would she sound like if  if she was a song or instrumental & how would i portray her in a graphic visual/painting if i was to describe her to someone who didn't know who she was

Its going to be a collaborative music and art project & Im very happy about its current developments. I have some talented collaborators contributing to the music side of the project like Erick Arc Elliott / Infamous Reptar / Iman Omari / CLoud Beats / Dee Goodz & many more! Ill keep you updated as things start to come together ( Im aiming to release the project by March - crossed fingers )
      ( UPDATED : The project will be releasing this summer ... )

          stay champion.


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