Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Son of a King : Year of the New Mayan

I havent blogged in awhile.

I decided to free myself from all my work for a few months ( & do small comissions & projects ) just to absorb/reflect on my year and get ready to smoothly roll in this new year.

I can easily say last year was the most intense year of my life.

I experimented pretty much every emotion that you could think of in one year.

From fathers death , to a intense relationship ending , followed by me having my most lucrative year as a artist to date.

My brain was in a continous wave of whys , what ifs , anger , happiness  & thank yous , etc throughout the year.

As the year ended i began to see that all these things have made me become a greater/stronger man , creative , friend ,etc. Having so much dropped on you in such a short amount of time really makes you think on your purpose and pursuits.

I think ive absorbed alot of my dads characteristics and character through all this which is dope as hell. Its definietly helped me battle through the pain knowing hes giving me strength through other people & popping up in mutiple dreams since March.

He taught me well.

Experimenting all this let me know that all my struggles and obstacles as a artist are not in vain.

Art is relayed from experiences & in my 28 years of life i know my journey is only going to become greater.

Some personal clarities of the year :

Tears dont weaken the man , they just cleanse the palette.

Pain is only temporary

Passion Speaks Louder

Listen with the intent to Understand

Love with purpose not obligation

I made it through last year so i know /  feel im going to create some of my best work to date as this new year unfolds. I have so much gathered knowledge , im just anxiously waiting to see how my brain wants to display it.

I hope we all gave a incredible year and lets keep building.

Stay Champion.

( Rest in Power Pops ! Miss you everyday. )


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