Sunday, September 30, 2012

Case Study Series.

This week I decided to do a album cover a day.

A case study series of " if I worked with { blank } " ( old and new artists.)

Definietly had fun with this side project and will do it again soon.

In addition to keeping my skills up , this project as helped me with time management too.

Hopefully the second round of me doing a painting or sketch a day next week goes just as smoothly.

studies I did this round : DMX , Black Sabbath , Badu , Bjork , Nirvana , The Beatles & Hendrix.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sunday Thoughts

Ive been in cruise control for the last week. Designing here & there with the balance of hanging with friends / a little partying.

Its time to kick it back in gear and start back up for a great closing to a very overwhelming and challenging year.

There will be alot of updates on shows , collaborations, launches in the next few weeks.



Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Barack O. x Infamous JeanClaude

I was having one of those days that nothing was really working right or in my vision. Then i remebered i had these images of Obama smoking when he was younger in one of  my " inspiration folders " i created.

Im defnietly not into politics like that and my opinion on the topics/issues are very minimial as i am trying to learn more ( and keep distance from them ( issues & politics) at the same time,ha).

So i started up these poster for fun , i might probaly sell them.... I might privately sell them.... i might not ...  i dont know ... we'll see. Im just keeping up with my craft and having fun.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Next Level.

Word : Success.
Function : Noun
Definition: Favorable or desired outcome.

Such a powerful , sometimes burdening but euphoric word.

It can be defined in so many ways. Everyone has a certain idea of what success is & suppose to be to them.

Ultimately, many people believe that money defines full success. Yes, money can be a key to  the attachment of the feeling ... but why have you become successful?

Determination , Hardwork , Passion , The love of your craft , Growth & Earned Respect.

In this very moment , in my thoughts right now, I believe that I've achieved personal success. These doesnt mean that im not going to keep striving within my success but the feeling of accomplishment is currently at its all time high.

So whats next if you feel personal success?

establishing value.

Next level ?
1. Better shows
2. More collaborations
3. Refining my techiques
4. Financial stability
5. Getting better at getting better

This list might get a couple additions in the future but these elements are a great foundation for how I want my career to lead in this next step.

One of the best definition of success I've heard  is  " the ability to fail harder." Success is not final , fear isnt fatal & the ability to continue is what truly matters.

Next level / Always staying champion


Monday, September 10, 2012

Show last night.

The opening for my show was last night. I had a great time chatting with new supporters , kicking it with old friends , and relaxing after working on this exhibition so long. Much love to all the people that came through , bought something , hung out , etc. < l also passed out custom label 40Ozs to random supporters.> Until next time. #staychampion