Saturday, August 25, 2012

2 Weeks or so.

So ive been still cranking out these art pieces and becoming more and,more antisocial ( but that comes with creating your best product.)

The show is coming together nice.

stickers are being made , business cards on the way , prints on the way , and hopefully the first draft of tees by top of next week.

Also I copped one of those card reader yesterday too. Mobile business on deck ! Ha.

ill plan to do a full sneak peek of the show this week.


Sunday, August 19, 2012

Weeks away!

Ive been successfully on schedule on getting things finished for my show next month.

Theres still that good/overwhelming anxiety that comes with prepping and opening a exhibition but its always rewarding when it comes together.

Hopefully things will start to go into printing phase in the next couple days.


Sunday, August 12, 2012

Studio Weekend.

So I dedicated my whole weekend to painting & graphics.

It turned out a success , getting alot of work finished and starting a goal plan for 2013.

I even got a random surprise from my ma Dukes on Friday on her way back to Kentucky. It was good for her to finally see my space and smile seeing her son really living his dream ( and not lying about doing stuff over the phone,ha.)

Ill start posting updates/snippets of my September show next week.


Friday, August 3, 2012

Mini Vacation.

Last weekend i headed back to my homestate of Kentucky to attend my best friends wedding.

Its crazy how time flies from playing basketball in his dusty backyard at 11  to tux & wedding.

It was good to see friends i havent seen since middle school and catch up on old times. It was also incredible to see my brother happy...,many blessings to the future fam!

Going home definietly gave me a energy boost to finish of the rest of the year with authority.


Preach Jacobs X Infamous JeanClaude , Passport

LHS Week 1: “Passport”-Preach Jacobs & Marc Mac (4hero/Visioneers) |

This is a album art piece i did about two years ago with Preach Jacobs that is just now getting released.

Like most artist, music gets archived , shelfed, etc  for many different reasons.  Preach has decided too release archived music every friday this month in prep for a LP later this year. enjoy!