Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Flatbush Zombies x Infamous JeanClaude

ive been working with Erick Arc Elliott ( ) since 2008. Ive created or helped develop all his album covers / singles since we met.

He told me last spring / summer , he and a couple of his friends are starting a group called Flatbush Zombies. I would get roughs of tracks randomly through the summer / winter of 2011 as they recorded and i was definietly intrigued on what they were developing.

They comissioned me to paint their portaits around December. They werent sure how they were going to use the portaits but wanted to have them done.  A month or so later they dropped the lead single " Thug Waffle" which exploded on the internet.

Since their lead single they have opened for artists like Slaughter House , Asap Rocky , and Cam'Ron. They where also featured in the Source's Unsigned Hype a few months back. im amped to see their progression and where they go from here.

Im very proud of my brother Erick. Keep killing fam!  ( sidnote: erick produced the whole album, but two jams!)

cop the mixtape here : , it just dropped today! its only the beginning!
Hopefully you will see more work from me and zombie crew in the future.


Ill do another preview soon.

 ( the images where so big they had to head the sideways , haha!) sidenote : i usually blog through my cell , my bad.

Pops Slept , She Followed : Time's Remedy

Pops Slept She Followed : Time's Remedy

BlackSheep SkateShop:
1504 Camden Road, Suite 200, Charlotte, NC 28203

in the lab.

been diving heavy into the digital side of my show in september. i have about 8 canvases prepped and ready to lace them,when i get back from kentucky this weekend.
about to be a very exciting yet stressful month or, but im ready.

( sorry for the side view, my cell is tripping.)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

infamous jeanclaude x infamous reptar.

i dont know why the beginning of our aliases are the same, you have to ask him.

he hit me up on myspace around 2009 ... this is around the time i wasnt checking myspace frequently because of the pressure of facebook but your messages go to your external email.

he wanted some album art for a release. he liked what i did and have been collaborating thus far. heres the present result from the last 2 years.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Pops Slept, She Followed : Times Remedy

Now that im caught up on all my comissions and the first stages of a couple collaborations ive got happening this Fall ( besides my line.) Im going to be focused on my solo show happening in September at BlackSheep SkateShop in Charlotte,NC.

im ready for yall to see the new works. ill try to post randomly through the process.



Just finished a comission for a supporter in SF. Much respect to Jaime for repping.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Insomnia Hut aka Home Studio.

Just a small glimpse into my work space/home. Ill do a video tour sometime in the near future.

Friday, July 13, 2012

DJ Danis , Sketch & Logo

A DJ from SF by way of SC, DJ Danis comissioned me  to develop a logo for him. He had no specifics except he wanted it to be one of my trademark pieces of imagery because he wanted to help spread the brand. Say word? Respect.

I started with a few doodles and went from there. Ill post when its printed on tees,etc in the near future.

MXXVII : LEVEL THREE ( Interview Part 1 : MARCH 30th.)

Here's part 1 of a interview i did at Love is Earth boutique in Nashville,TN for my solo show  : MMXII, Level Three in March this year.

This show was very challenging for me. Even though I've had this show planned out months ahead of time, wasn't expecting the untimely death of my father weeks before the shows opening. This unexpected event made the weeks leading up to the show more than diffcult. I pondered if i should cancel the show multiple times but I know that my popz would have been extremely disappointed in me if i would have canceled.  I was able to gather myself as best i could and headed to Nashville on the 30th of March.

When the show started i was welcomed by all the local ( and college) Nashville natives. I was surprised that my name had reached this city as attendees came up to me throughout the show, showing me,love and expressing how they have been following my works before the show .

By the end of the night i somehow was in a cypher of up and coming creatives ( 18 to 22) , giving them as much advice as i could at carrying their dreams. This lead into me freestyling with a couple of the attendees and the owner of the shop at the end of the night for a couple hours,haha... goodtimes.

I learned alot about life, growth , perseverance and  self strength through this sequence of events from funeral to art show. I'm happy that i was able to be strong ( as i could ) and it has definitely helped me in my journey of healing from the absence my fathers physical presence.

Even though its still a daily challenge to realize my father left his earthly body, I feel he hasnt left me in spirit (just in body), so ill proceed as so.


Product! .... & Pressure.

So I wanted to have tee shirts , prints , and all that about a year and a half ago... Im glad I opted out and waited.

Sometimes we have to stop ourselves and step back for a second. My homie NeuArmy ( said it best in a convo we had few weeks back " ... Things just take time..." . As eager as we want to share ... especially in this media age , we as creatives should also want to put the best product out.

With that said, im not going to release a exact date my store will be open with product but im aiming for this Fall.

Heres a preview of some spreadsheets!


Thursday, July 12, 2012


So the last month or so has been pretty busy for me. From prepping for releasing my online store , to comissions , to collaborations , to prepping for my solo show in September.

Im happy theres been a pretty consistent flow of work coming in but it definietly has had my already terribly sleep pattern completely twisted up.

ill work in a little vacation soon.

Heres a comission I just completed that will be hanging in a new night lounge in uptown Charlotte,NC  called the LOTUS LOUNGE. Ill post pictures of it in the space when the lounge opens in a few Weeks.


Album Art : Infamous Reptar , Temptations

I just finished up a digital album cover for the homie Infamous Reptar yesterday.

Ive been working with this kid for a couple years now and we'll be working on a full LP release & branding packet later in the year.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Freshniz Magazine ( live magazine interview.)

Last Saturday in Columbia,SC, I was invited to be apart of a live magazine event. Live Magazine? Yeah, I wasnt to sure what that meant either... At first,ha.

A live magazine event is like a tangible magazine but everything is live : interviews, discussions,  etc. it was a great experience discussing my budding career as a artist and the ins and outs of how I started. I met a lot of cool connections and was able to sell a couple pieces also. Ill definietly try to hit the city again soon for a future event.

Store Opening in Fall!

Ive been building up content to create a online store for about a year now. Im extremely happy that its all coming together as I planned in my head a few years back. There will be buttons, prints,tee,sweatshirts/hoodies, and hats. Im keep you posted as the shop preps for opening

Heres a little preview :

First Mural

Im working on my first mural. Ive,already put in about 10+ hours thus far. Im excited about how its turning out and interested to see how is going to unfold since im doing it freestyle ( no drafts , just my mental draftboard.)