Sunday, April 22, 2012


From some recent tragedies / happenings in my life. I have been becoming even more aware of the divisions of feelings to emotions.There as been some battle of negative emotions ,etc ... I guess this is lets me know that i building a stronger mental foundation for myself and  healing process for me to analyze and try to understand these emotions.

 < This has been what i have been coming up with > :

Feelings : something that is in us /energy. I unaware reaction to something without a thought created before the action. or can be altered by thoughts created in repetition ( emotions.)

Emotions : Ideas created from a repeated thought pattern over time. ( which effects your feelings.)

To get a little deeper into it :

" So, what happens after we have the thought? Well, it triggers a gland at the base of our brains called the hypothalamus. This gland then manufactures enzymes to match the thought we were having. These enzymes, also known as peptides, are distributed throughout our bodies via our bloodstream. As they traverse the body they attach themselves to the cells of the body, sometimes even effecting a change in chemical structure of the cellWhat happens next is that this generates the emotional response we experience from that thought "

From  that more technical definition I break it down personal like this :
We become addicted to our thoughts ( be them good or bad ) so when new thoughts come into play , you are either : 1. battling your positive thoughts against your negative thoughts 2. Rejecting your positive thoughts because of forceful intrusion of negative thoughts ( death in the family ,  fear of failure/success ,depression , etc.) 3. You become helpless because of the change you have created < willingly or unwilling > is effecting your daily pattern < your "addicted thoughts>   ( which effects your feelings )

Everyone will experience unorthodox feelings but you must be strong in trying your hardest to create positive affirmation to break down negative emotions and try to develop a understanding of why this emotions/thoughts keep weighing you down. The more we give in to them the more that "comfortably is created making it harder for you to break those walls down to dissect and potential create a better you.

Marvin Gaye said it best " Time heals all wounds " but you cant count on clock to make you a happier self. Its starts with your warrant to know that these negative thoughts are something you don't want and began to execrise a better you from there.

The Understanding :
Your feelings ( attached to a affirming emotion ) should hopefully help lead to happiness.

 Example : If you are listening to music and you start feeling a certain way, it is not the music thats creating that happy. It is the expression of our feelings in us ( some call it love ) FOR the music that creates our excitement. 

"Truly lasting happiness is yours when you have the self awareness to choose the criteria in your mind and change it at will. With self-mastery you are able to choose the emotion you express in each moment. "

Its a process!

Sorry for the length , a long night of no sleep and thinking ( figured i share.)

Stay Champion.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Winehouse ( In Progress )


Been a little all over the place with new projects and shows coming up.

I cant want for you guys to see the new website and revamping all the websites/projects i have myself involved in.

As i'm not as frequent as i need to be here, you can catch me here
( i promise i will get better!)

Stay Champion.