Friday, February 28, 2014

1992 Lisa Bonet Project

This project has been in the works before about a year. Getting beats taking beats away , waiting for beats , etc.. Finally its here! 1992: Lisa Bonet Project features artists : Cloud. , Etwous , Erick Arc Elliott , Iman Omari , Alex Isley , Cult .45 , Infamous Reptar , Dee Goodz , Two Fresh , Kid Syc & Genesis the GreyKid.

Here is the Concept Behind the Project :

I came up with the name and concept for this project while i was dealing with one of my many nights of insomnia. The Cosby Show happened to come on while I was on the computer and it was one of the episodes that Lisa Bonet is prominent in.

I watched a few minutes of the show and thought about it , " Lisa Bonet is like the essential muse"  beautiful, chill , eccentric , cool ,etc. The I thought what creates that feelings to establish someone /something to make them a continuous inspiration.

So i jotted down some ideas of how to describe a muse without giving them a complete identity but a idea of what/who they are. So I thought,  what would she sound like if  if she was a song or instrumental & how would i portray her in a graphic visual/painting if i was to describe her to someone who didn't know who she was. 

So I wanted to pull this project together of people I feel would have interesting  interpretations of describing a : 1992,Lisa Bonet.

The CD is divided into sound & feeling creating a story of episodes & personal stories/experiences 

Heres the cover :

The drops later today on my curated music label Laundry & Luggage Records.

Much Respect to all the Artist that contributed to the project. Download Tomorrow and Look for the deluxe download next week with free phone wallpapers , computer wallpapers & posters.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Iman Omari ESC VOL II

I was blessed to do the cover for the talented Iman Omari for his first official release for sell , (Vibe)rations LP.

It was dope that I was called back to work with him again on his ESC instrumental series.

After some edibles ,whiskey sessions and listening to the CD over and over this is what I came up with for the project.

You can listen and cop the CD here!

( Hopefully youll see more collaborations with us in the near future. )


Sunday, February 16, 2014

Jui¢e £ighty | Video Steals by Infamous JeanClaude

The Genesis | Video Steals by Infamous JeanClaude

Laundry & Luggage - First Release /// Etwous - Train To Amsterdam

I developed and created a music label about a year ago.

ive always wanted to start one but i wanted to have a focus to it. I decided to establish it as a platform to give artists the best visual presentation to represent their sound. So its indie label based on branding with my art & a universal sound.

There will be releases from all over the world ranging from Finland to London to Canada to NC.

This will be a labor of love project and Im excited to see it finally unfolding. Theres about 4 albums in the vault , so expect to get great music and visual to match all year.

the first release from the label is a project that has been in the vault for awhile. Its a experimental jazz fusion album from the group Etwous. Listen and Enjoy!

Follow for updates

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Album Art for BlackSpade " Dis Christmas W/O U "

Here the mosr recent cover I developed for the Artist , BlackSpade. They said they wanted something that looked like Christmas without it being corny and generic.

After listening to the track a for a hour or so this is what I created. This joint is on some " feel good , cognac with you lady " vibe. Catch at the track from the link above.

You might see me working with Fresh Select imprint in the near future.

Infamous Notes.

OCD gave me empathy.
Crohn's shows me discipline & vulnerability
Her love is energy
Time doesnt exist but dont waste it.

Laughter cures.
Everything heals.
Dont block your chakras with mental warfare.

Stay Champion.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Nemo Achida , Midnight Magic Extended

The Kentucky native ( representing for Lexington , KY  strong ) dropped this dope project a few months back but he is releasing it with extra tracks on Itunes ... Got cop this project! more than worth it.

This is the album art I developed for the extended play :

 Make sure you cop the album , vibe out , then pre order the extended!!!!

Dee Goodz , Donny Cash Vol.1

I just finished up the album art for the homie Dee Goodz new project Donny Cash.

I met this kid randomly at a homie's crib after my art show I had in the city ( Nashville ) a couple days before. We chopped it up about working on something together and finally was able to connect on this EP project ( a couple years later ).

If you rock with  Eightball & MJG , you're definitely going to vibe to this CD.

You can listen to the CD & download here :

Sunday, September 8, 2013

/// Artists Suffer for the People ///

This has easily been my most productive year in my career. Constant work all year and a growing list of client & client work. This is what you want as a creative striving to being a fulltime artist ( no dayjob & just working on your craft everyday.)

With established success, there comes sacrifice & mental distraction

Ive lost some of my social time , communication with friends , etc. 

This summer has been a good mix of stress and balance but stress has made a little more impact unfortunately.

Sometimes the work load makes stress consistent.When these things happens , I could usually call my Pops and he would tell  me some ill stories of his experiences and wisdom to even out the odds. That option is no longer available. Ive absorbed alot of his knowledge to help me maintain but that thought of knowing he is not physically with me still bothers me.

I figured out that I hit a second wave of feeling the effects of my fathers death. 

The addition of my 2 year relationship ending a week after my fathers death also put a mental strain on me too. She needed her own personal healing but the timing was definitely unfortunate  ( but everything happens for a reason.)

I get  frustrated with these feelings effecting my daily life. Its been almost a year since both of these things happenening but since they were both impactful people/events in my life the result is my mind consistently dissecting  the meaning of things like loyal , love , trust , etc. (caused by stress from my work load.) Regaining the ability to trust & believing in loyalty  have been the challenges of the year.

I read a quote from Marvin Gaye a few weeks ago that has helped me greatly

" Artists Suffer For the People "

I was put on this earth for a reason and my calling is art. Ive been blessed with a  gift to create darkness / happiness/pain/pleasure  into something appealing to the human eye. ( with potential to help others heal , be happy , free their mind for a few minutes of their day )

We are all going to go through things that alter our understanding but these are the things that will make you grow as a man / woman and into a leader & one of the greats.

If i didnt have art I really dont know how I would be able to tackle these feelings , dissect them and slowly chip away at them. 

As this year comes to close I hope you are being strong and following your dreams.Whatever you are going through know that youll get through it with understanding and time.

 The word 'happiness' would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness -Carl Jung

 Whatever you feel is your purpose in life. Do it.

Get Better at Getting Better.

Stay Champion